Commissioned portrait (COMING SOON)

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Looking for the personal touch in your house? Or maybe a really personal present for a loved one? A commisioned portrait might be it!

How does it work? 

1. You will come to my studio in Utrecht where we will make a beautiful black and white portrait photo of you. This photo will be the basis of the artwork, but you will also get the digital file of this photo. 

2. In the studio you will have a possibility to look at different print materials and sizes* and make a decision on how you want the artwork printed. One print (framed poster, canvas or aluminium dibond) is included in the prize. 

*The maximum size is 50 x 70cm. If you desire a bigger size please contact me for prizes and possibilies. 

3. We will check the black and white photographs in the studio and choose one for the main reference. During your studio time you can also let me know any other preferences. 

4. I will gather everything I learned from you during the studio day and create a bright and colourful artwork in Studio carper style. Every work is different based on the reference photo, your personality and preferences. 

5. When the artwork is done I will send you the digital file. You can give your feedback and I can do some small corrections of the work. 

4. I will print the artwork on the size and material you choose. The final artwork will be send to your house or you can come pick it up at the studio in Utrecht. 

How long will it take? 

The proces from the photoshoot until the final delivery of the product takes about 1 months. 'Sold out' at the top of this page means it is really busy at the moment and it takes at least one month until I can start with your work. Please get in contact with me to plan ahead. If it does not say 'sold out' at the top of this page it means that we can start from next week. 

Estimated start date: 15th October 2022

What do you get?

A fun studio day with photoshoot and of course some snacks and drinks. 

One print (framed poster, canvas or aluminium dibond) 

Digital files of:

  • Black and white portrait photo(s)
  • The digital artwork

Can I get a portrait of more people? 

I also do close up portraits of 2 or 3 people together. There will be one black and white photo and one final printed artwork with all 2/3 people on one artwork together.

If you want different portrait/ different prints for each person please get in contact with me so I can give you the price.